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Financial Support Is Both Parents' Responsibility

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Every parent has a legal obligation to support his or her children. When parents of minor children divorce, the state legislature has provided a mathematical process for determining child support obligations. The calculations take into account the incomes of each parent, specified expenses, the number of overnights the children spend with each parent and other factors.

Child support disputes may be contentious. We help parents reach reasonable solutions to child support problems. It is a misconception that a parent with whom the children resides is not obligated to provide financial support for his or her child. In the real world, a parent who buys groceries, pays day-to-day expenses and cares for the child is directly providing support.

To that end, the legislature has determined that calculating overnight stays in a parenting plan is an easy way to account for these day-to-day expenses. In today’s culture, schedules may not always follow the traditional concept of the day-time job.

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At Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., we know that the law is intended to serve the best interests of the child. Deviations from the child support guidelines may serve the important goals of Florida’s child support guideline calculations. Our experience and knowledge of Florida family law is a real benefit in resolving disputes efficiently. We invest the time necessary to learn the relevant details surrounding a dispute to craft the legal strategy best suited to the interests of our clients.

When you retain our child support attorney to represent you in divorce, you can rest assured that the child support calculations will be conducted properly. We take pride in providing compassionate advice, guidance and detailed analysis of your legal options.

Amicable Resolutions Are The Goal

Often, financial disputes can be resolved amicably, based upon reasonable discussions. When children are involved, our law firm approaches disputes with compassion for our clients and with a focus on the best interests of the children. We understand that your children are your top priority. We are driven to obtaining the most favorable outcome in every case through skilled negotiation or zealous advocacy at trial, when necessary.

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