Reducing Conflict And Empowering Clients

Mediation May Be The Best Choice

At the law office of Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., in Dade City, Florida, we are passionate about divorce mediation. Attorney Sultenfuss is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator. She is a skilled negotiator who draws on her experience in resolving conflict and her deep knowledge of family law to facilitate cost-effective resolutions for couples through mediated settlements.

Finding Empowering Resolutions Through Divorce Mediation

Resolving conflict through mediation is an empowering process that allows divorcing spouses to have more control in the outcome of the divorce. Mediation is often more cost-effective than litigating disputes. The biggest benefit of solving family law problems with a third-party neutral, however, is that mediation allows the parties to have more input in fashioning a resolution that takes personal needs and the preferences of the parties into account in fashioning a settlement.

A mediated settlement is often referred to as a no-court divorce, as a family law judge is not involved in the resolution process. If an amicable resolution is reached in mediation, the parties present the settlement agreement to a judge for entry as a final judgment. In meditation, a third-party neutral acts to facilitate discussions between the parties to resolve disputes in an area of family law. The mediator does not have decision-making power.

What Happens During Mediation?

Most often, the parties meet comfortably with the mediator in separate rooms. The role of the neutral is to guide the parties through meaningful, nonconfrontational discussions to reach agreement on the divorce settlement. A third-party mediator does not provide either party legal advice, but as the friction points become more defined, the mediator may offer creative solutions that take into account in interests of each of the parties. The divorcing spouses have the ultimate decision-making authority.

Meet With A Certified Divorce Mediator To Resolve Your Divorce

Lawyer Sarah Baker Sultenfuss has substantial experience in family law. Her knowledge of the issues and ability to offer creative solutions to complex problems are invaluable in facilitating mediated settlements. To learn more about how we can help you to resolve your family law problems, call 352-567-7793 or send an email using our online contact form.