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Does Your Court Order Need To Change? Speak with Us today about Child Custody Modifications in Dade City or Wesley Chapel, FL!

When a family court judge issues a final judgment in a divorce, there are aspects of the decree that are not necessarily final. We live in a time when change seems to be a constant. Changes in the economy, unforeseen changes in the needs of a child as he or she grows up and substantial changes in job opportunities are fairly common.

Support, Parenting Time And Child Custody Modifications

If your circumstances have substantially changed, rendering a child support order or parenting plan unworkable, we can help at Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A. It can be frustrating trying to deal with a court order that no longer reflects current circumstances after an unforeseen change. Our law firm is skilled in effectively seeking modifications in a variety of circumstances:

  • Modifying a support order after the loss of a job
  • Obtaining a modification due to a substantial decrease in income
  • Modifying a time-sharing plan when there has been a substantial change in circumstances

    Attorney Sarah Baker Sultenfuss is passionate about helping parents solve family law disputes involving children. Her compassion for children, parents and families is evident in her diligence in pursuing post-divorce modifications when an existing order no longer reflects the best interests of the children, and there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Her aggressive advocacy on behalf of clients has earned our firm the respect of former clients, peers and adversaries.

    How To Enforce Existing Orders

    There are situations where one party is not following the terms of a support or visitation order. That may be due to a change in circumstances without having sought a modification of a current order. A dispute may also include a parent’s refusal to follow an existing order.

    Our law firm is well-prepared to provide experienced advocacy and diligent representation in hearings to modify or enforce a family law court order. The courts have many tools to enforce orders of the court, including finding a person in contempt for failing to pay child support.

    To learn more about post-divorce disputes concerning existing orders of the court, call an experienced lawyer in Dade City, Florida, at 352-567-7793 or send us a message using our online contact form.