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Co-Parenting Works Best With A Plan

Child psychologists and child development specialists agree that parents should limit conflict in their child’s life, especially during divorce and parenting disputes. Creating a parenting plan can aid during conflict and provide safeguards for you and your child. At the law firm of Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., in Dade City, we can skillfully assist you in creating, modifying and enforcing parenting plans.

Create a parenting plan that works. Effective representation and legal guidance is key to a complete and comprehensive parenting plan. Reach out to attorney Sarah Sultenfuss for legal advice that puts you and your family first.

How To Create A Parenting Plan

When creating a parenting plan, you need to consider all possible situations. Accounting for potential conflicts will help avoid unnecessary arguments and future stress. When considering your parenting plan, we highly suggest considering questions like:

  • What is in your child’s best interest?
  • Do you or the other parent have unusual or varying work schedules or other obligations?
  • Will you or the other parent take off time for a child’s illness?
  • Which parent will have the child on holidays and birthdays?
  • Should one parent be allowed to take the children out of state on vacations or trips without notice?
  • Are you being fair to yourself and the other parent?
  • What do you do if any of the answers above change?

These questions can be difficult. However, Attorney Sultenfuss is a certified family law mediator. She has in-depth knowledge that can help you create a parenting plan that truly works for your family.

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A parenting plan can be the difference between parenting with conflict and parenting in peace. With more than a decade of experience in family law, our firm can provide quality guidance during parenting disputes. Contact us and start planning for the future today.