Words cannot begin to describe how fantastic she is! Thank you for representing me!

Lisa C.

She is a very good lawyer, will do everything for you.

Carmen A.

I was represented by Sarah. She and her staff were nothing but professional at all times. If I had a question it was answered. Throughout the whole process I felt I had somebody on my side. No results or outcomes were promised, but I received the best representation to receive the best outcome. I will continue to be a client of Sarah's.

Matthew S.

She recently helped me on a case and did a great job. She kept me informed on everything involving my case, didn't charge me an astronomical price, and she was very professional... Overall I have no complaints and I would use her again.


Sarah and her team did an excellent job. Navigating the divorce and child custody laws are not an easy task. The process for a woman is not easy. I recommend her highly.


Sarah Sultenfuss exemplifies a very professional and sincere persona. She is very easy to relate to and is very approachable. She is also very honest and does not seek to merely acquire a profit, but is actually up-front about what she can and can't do for the case. She is very affordable, and willing to work out payment plans if needed. I highly suggest Sarah Sultenfuss as an attorney for criminal defense, divorce, paternity, or any other family law matters.


Ms. Sultenfuss was my attorney in a recent family law case and did an excellent job. She and her staff were very professional and worked very hard on my case. I would recommend Ms. Sultenfuss to anyone needing an honest hard working attorney.


In 2012, I was going through a divorce with minor child. I searched for an experienced attorney with ties to my district. I narrowed this down to Sarah Sultenfuss. I received a rewarding timesharing agreement which took me to the present. I hired her again for a modification. Already, my child has changed schools to my home's zone while the case continues. The presentation of evidence is key and her office succeeded again.


Sarah handled my divorce and I was always well informed of the proceedings. She took the time to explain in detail what would happen step by step. I would highly recommend Sarah and her excellent staff.


Sarah Sultenfuss represented my daughter in domestic violence and divorce cases. She is bright, honest, knowledgeable in the law, compassionate, quick on her feet and feisty when a appropriate. Her staff was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Ms. Sultenfuss to anyone who requires the services of an attorney in a domestic violence or dissolution matter.


Sarah has been an amazing tour guide through the legal maze that is the State of Florida's Family court system. She has always been truthful and accurate with me, regardless of weather the information aligns with my agenda. In the court room she is an amazing advocate. Her confidence ensures the facts of the case are presented in logical manner. My only regret is that I did not hire Sarah sooner, nevertheless she has done an amazing job reversing damage caused by previous counsel.


Full Disclosure: Being new to the area, I hired a Tampa law firm to represent me locally. Big mistake. Save yourself a wasted 12K instead and HIRE Sarah. Her firm is very reasonably priced without the accumulated Admin fees that cost more than the attorney services. I got responses for things i deemed emergent within 24 hours of emailing her office. She represented me in a Family Law matter. Do your wallet and mind a favor and hire this firm. Do not make the costly mistakes I did.


Sarah Baker is an excellent attorney. Her strength is litigating especially in hard cases. She is well known in the community and highly respect.


I would highly recommend Sarah Sultenfuss as an attorney. I speak from personal experience. Having a complicated divorce case, Sarah was brilliant in helping me navigate the issues at hand. She is highly knowledgeable and great at what she does. You will be in the best hands with her. Not only does she defend you in the best light but is always concerned for the well-being of any children involved. Very professional and lovely staff. Sarah came highly recommended and I can see why.

Jessica L.

Smart and focused lawyer. She is able to understand a complex case and present her client to the best. Highly recommended.

Ronny L.

Sarah Sultenfuss is an amazing attorney. I had her represent me and she was by my side the entire process from start to finish. She helped explain to me what was happening, how to get through it, Sarah's staff was also top notch!

Gary Dillingham

Sarah is an amazing attorney. She is confident and honest, even if the news isn't what you want to hear. I have been in trial with her twice this year and can honestly say she commands the respect of the court room and is able to articulate each issue in a way which addresses it fully.

Jonathan Lockwood

Sarah represents my Daughter in two legal cases. Sarah is very professional, always on-time. Sarah enjoys the very well deserved respect from the Judges. Always focused on the case's details. She knows exactly what has to be done inside the legal system to achieve the best results for the client. Well deserves every penny I paid. If you want real legal representation and the best result for your cases, call Sarah.

Alex Kogan

She's fantastic! Did my sons step parent adoption an it was done in 6 months! Love love love her!

Sierra Smith

She's great! Very understanding and we were always on the same page, she made sure I was always kept informed of everything going on and that I understood everything

Dina Lopez

Works hard for her clients. Very nice. Great staff, understanding. They never seem bothered no matter how many times you call. Would recommend.

Susette Reid

Sarah handled my stepparent adoption. Sarah and her staff were professional, prompt, and understanding of my family's needs. I highly recommend her.

Alex L.

Sarah and her team have been a pleasure to work with during a difficult situation. They were prompt to answer any questions I had. They kept me informed as to everything that was happening throughout. If I ever find myself needing her services again, I would not hesitate to use her office again.

Brian F.

Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring My Attorny, Mrs. Sultenfuss and her team. She has been representing me and any case I have had for the past 5 years now and has been and still is doing a fantastic job. I am so happy with her services that I decided to do something I never do and that is to go on here to share this with everyone in case someone else is in need of an Attorny they can trust and count on to defend them. Mrs. Sultenfuss and her team are extremely knowledgeable and are as professional as they come. She makes you feel like you are more than just another case or another paycheck like other attorneys I have seen and heard of do. She takes the time to listen to what your concerns are and tells you her honest opinion of what she thinks is best. Not just what is the easiest to do. I trust Mrs. Sultenfuss and her team 100 percent and I know they have my back and my best interest in mind. If someone else is in need of an Attorny and aren't sure who to hire, I promise you that you will not regret hiring them. Thank you Mrs. Sultenfuss and everyone else on her team for everything you guys do. I really truly do appreciate you.


Very professional and advice was spot on.

Shirley H.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team as her reputation precedes her. A quick story, My ex wife's attorney was unknowingly sitting in front of me at our first court hearing and his assistant comes to him. He asks, "Who is (my ex wife's name) husbands attorney?" She looks through the paper work and replies "Sarah Sultenfuss." and I kid you not he sighs and says "Ugh, this is going to be a tough one." Hearing that really gave me such peace of mind that I had hired an amazing attorney. Sarah fought for my rights and truly looked out for my best interests. I sincerely feel the people that leave these bad reviews had bad intentions because Sarah is a genuine and brutally honest person who never took advantage of me. She was kind and patient but again, brutally honest. Sarah and her team (Pam is the sweetest person you'll ever meet) LITERALLY kept that mess from turning into a catastrophe. Thank you again.

Carlos A.

When my wife and I had a complicated family law issue to deal with (not a divorce, thank God), we got an initial paid consultation with an attorney in Dade City who claimed to specialize in the issue. After paying the initial fee, we were informed that they could do the work for what struck us as a surprisingly large sum. It raised alarm bells for us, so we consulted Sarah Sultenfuss who helped us solve our problem for a small fraction of what the first firm had quoted. We are glad we got a second opinion. We highly recommend Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A.

Gregory S.

Sarah and her team are very professional and understanding of people's situations. I have worked with her and her team for years at this point and have had nothing but a great experience.

Stewart S.

an endearing LAWyer able and ready to help enable you to make the right decisions. (kinda like having a slice of heaven on earth)!.

Dennis E.

It's highly refreshing to acquire someone's services that actually follows through. This law firm is professional at its finest from Sarah to her staff. Big city representation with a hometown feel. I will definitely continue to be a client. Value, respect, results.

Shane W.

I had worked with Sarah and her staff on many occasions and this office has been nothing but professional. The ladies are serious about fighting for their clients and I could do nothing but respect that. A lot of lawyers only care about a dollar, but this office truly cares about their client. Would definitely recommend!

Dakota A.

Very caring top notch follow through friendly staff cant say enough good they helped me through a LONG custody battle and never gave up!

Paul T.