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Ensure Your Business Thrives During And After Divorce

Many people dream of a family business that supports their loved ones and provides a strong legacy. Divorce can seem like an insurmountable challenge to your business, its longevity and your ability to remain financially stable. But, with proper planning, wise negotiations and assertive advocacy, your future can stabilize. Attorney and certified family law mediator, Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., can help you create a reliable and resilient business during and after divorce.

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How Dividing A Business Is Different Than Other Assets

A family business is often the largest asset in a marriage. Because a business’s legal structure is unique, family businesses function differently than other asset division processes. A successful family business division finds a fair answer that helps your business survive in-tact. We take you through a series of steps, including:

  • Properly evaluating your business’s worth and future growth
  • Identifying how your business’s structure influences its legal administration
  • Putting your business in the context of your shared assets
  • Negotiating potential shareholder or buy-out agreements


Our firm provides fierce advocacy for business owners just like you. We understand that divorce risks your business and your financial future. Dividing assets is complicated. Dividing a business is especially complex. We help you advocate for your interests and resolve your issues peaceably whenever possible. Our firm is highly experienced with courtroom advocacy.


Plan For Your Future And Your Business

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