Reducing Conflict And Empowering Clients

Divorce Doesn't Always Need To Be A Battle

Every divorce can involve disputes and emotionally taxing issues. That does not mean that every divorce must include a hard-fought battle in court. Collaborative law is an area of family law that is gaining in popularity for its flexibility and its ability to allow divorcing spouses to exert more control over the outcome of the divorce.

For some couples, amicably and respectfully resolving complex disputes in divorce through a collaborative approach is a cost-effective way to promote discussions while being represented by a knowledgeable family law attorney.

At the law firm of Sarah Sultenfuss, P.A., in Dade City, Florida, our deep understanding of the sources of conflict and our penchant to guide clients to favorably and amicably resolve the conflicts that arise in divorce are invaluable in the collaborative divorce process.

Resolving Disputes Amicably, Guided By Professionals To Reduce Stress

Collaborative law uses a team approach to encourage productive communication in reaching reasonable solutions and reduce the stress of divorce. Mental health or family counselors and financial analysts may be involved to facilitate healthy discussions in appropriate cases. Each divorcing spouse is represented by a trained collaborative law divorce lawyer.

The lawyers agree to provide sound advice during the team approach, but do not have decision-making authority. The guidance of the lawyers is to allow the parties to make informed decisions. If resolution is not reached, the lawyers agree to withdraw and the parties must find new attorneys to handle the divorce litigation.

At our law firm, we are passionate about helping clients obtain results in alternative forms of dispute resolution. Like mediation, collaborative law is a viable method of solving conflict that we believe allows clients to move forward with confidence after a divorce.

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